TBS Professional Workshop Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit


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Bleed Anything with our Pro Workshop Kit!


  • Specially machined pro bleed cup and plunger.
  • Our custom made bleed block and rotor tool.
  • Bleed blocks for dual piston calipers.
  • 2 X DOT specific bleed syringes and adapters.
  • 2 X Mineral specific bleed syringes and adapters.
  • Custom made bleed adapters with o-rings for every brand.
  • 1 X Micro filler adapter for Hayes.
  • 1 X Road bike adapter for Shimano.
  • 1 X Custom made Bleeding Edge adapter with o-ring.
  • 6 X Lengths of bleed tubing.
  • 4 X Pinch Clamps.
  • Torx adapters.
  • Gloves.
  • Cable Ties.
  • 'Tackle Box' Storage case.