Park Tool BKD-1.2 - Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit. QKBKD12 For DOT Oil Sets.


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    The BKD-1.2 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit will bleed most models of DOT fluid-based hydraulic disc brakes; including models made by SRAM®; Formula®; Hayes®; and Hope®. Bleeding of hydraulic brakes removes air bubbles and contaminants from the braking system; for long-lasting components and peak performance.
    The BKD-1.2 is built for the rigours of daily commercial use and includes two syringes; hoses with shutoff clips; multi-size bleed blocks and a set of our unique mountable syringe holders; as well as multiple hose fittings to fit the multiple standards found on hydraulic bicycle brake systems. Every part is replaceable and available from Park Tool. Housed in a rugged storage case.

    Two 20ml syringes
    Two hose assemblies with shutoff clips
    Two 10mm; 11mm and 12mm universal bleed blocks
    Two adjustable syringe holders
    Manufacturer-specific adapters for SRAM® M5 fittings; Bleeding Edge and universal M6 fittings