SRAM Red Force Rival Apex CX1 Disc Brake Pads by TBS


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Experience unmatched stopping power and control with our versatile range of disc brake pads for SRAM Apex 1, CX1, Force, Level, Red eTap and Rival brakes. Available in four brake pad compounds to suit your specific riding needs.

  • Easy Installation: Simple to install ensuring you spend more time on the trail or on the road. Direct replacement for OEM brake pads. Pad springs are supplied where required.
  • Consistent Braking: Enjoy reliable and predictable braking performance in various weather conditions.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand extended use, our brake pads are built to last, reducing your maintenance needs and increasing your riding time.
  • Versatility: With 4 different pad compounds to choose from you can select the brake pads that match your style of riding, giving you the flexibility to tailor your braking system to your specific needs and conditions. 

Dimensions: (w)30.3mm x (h)26.2mm
Compounds: Organic, Semi-metallic, Sintered, Ceramic

ⓘ Not sure which pad compound to choose? See below for more information about the differences between brake pad compounds.


700 B1 HRD / Apex 1 / CX1 / Force 1 / Force 22 / Level TLM (up to 2019) / Level Ultimate (up to 2019) / Red 22 / Red eTap HRD (up to 2019) / Rival 1 HRD (up to 2018) / Rival 22 HRD (up to 2018) / Rival eTap AXS (2020-on) / S-700

  • Ceramic - Longest life and stable performance with heat. Smooth and powerful braking, less harsh and low noise. 
  • Sintered / Metal - Work well in all conditions. High resistance to heat and other elements, long life. These brakes are suitable for general or utility use, quick recovery of braking power during wet. 
  • Aluminium - Super light and work well in all conditions. Smooth and powerful braking, less harsh noise, good all round performance. 
  • Resin / Organic - Light weight and easy to install. These pads give direct and sensitive reaction. Suitable for normal riding.