Shimano D01S / D02S / H01A / H03C Compatible Brake Pads by TBS - FINNED


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Experience unmatched stopping power and control with our versatile range of disc brake pads for Shimano Cues, Deore, Saint, SLX, XT, XTR and Zee brakes. See full compatibility list below. 

Easy Installation: Simple to install ensuring you spend more time on the trail or on the road. Direct replacement for OEM brake pads. Pad springs are supplied where required.

Consistent Braking: Enjoy reliable and predictable braking performance in various weather conditions.

Durability: Designed to withstand extended use, our brake pads are built to last, reducing your maintenance needs and increasing your riding time.

Dimensions: (w)39.5mm x (h)25.0mm


    Cues BR-U8020, Deore BR-M6120, Saint BR-M810, BR-M820, SLX BR-M7120, XT BR-M8020, BR-M8120, XTR BR-M9120, Zee BR-M640 / Other BR-MT420, BR-MT520


    Helix 4X




    Auriga+ HD-E740, HD-T740 / Auriga Twin+ HD-E745, HD-T745 / Dorado 4P HD-E720, HD-E725 / Gemini HD-M535 / Gemini 4x2 HD-M530 (Front) / Orion 4P HD-M735, HD-M745, HD-M750 / Volans HD-T535 / Volans 4x2 HD-T532 (Front) / Other HD-R310, HD-T5040


    C2.3 / DH EVO / DH-R EVO / DH-R EVO Gold / DH-R EVO Matte Black / DH-R EVO Silver / Quadiem / Quadiem SL / Quadiem G-Spec / Slate EVO / Slate T4 / Trail EVO / Zurich / E-Zurich

TBS Disc Pads have been custom manufactured to meet and exceed braking standards.

Constructed using a high quantity concentration of ceramic fibres, this offers smoother on demand braking, longer pad life in all conditions. Unique heat insulator formula construction you will have less heat build up, due to the higher density ceramic and softer compound this dramatically slows the heat “Build-Up” process which most pads suffer from, This leaves you a better feeling lever for longer, a huge braking advantage over standard Resin and organic pads.