Magura MT5e Complete Brake, 3-finger Aluminium Lever Blade, For Left or Right. Higo-Closer. Black. 2700984


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Class adapted for use on E-Bikes, motorcycle racing's proven 4-piston technology creates an absolute maximum of braking force.

No matter how difficult the trail terrain, our 4-piston technology and novel new ergonomics in the brake lever give you a performance package which will fill you with confidence.

The MT5e is also perfect for S-Pedelecs. The aluminium, two-finger brake levers are ergonomically perfect for your hands, allowing you to easily and accurately apply the braking power you need, even during long braking actions.

Our use of Carbotecture® technology in the brake handle housing keeps the MT5e's weight down to a minimum and provides optimal braking performance.

  • Brakes everything including the motor (cut off)
  • Experiences from the motorcycle sector coupled with know-how for s-pedelecs
  • The braking force of the 4 pistons and outstanding stability make s-pedelecs much safer
  • Suitable for mounting left or right

Model year: 2016
Scope of application: for E-Bikes up to 45 km/h
HIGO Closer NO
Tubing length: 2,200 mm
Cable length: 150 mm
Weight: 275 g
Material housing: Carbotecture®
Lever blade: 3-finger aluminium lever blade with ball-end
Reach Adjust: 3 mm allen key
Colour: master black / calliper black
Accent colour: silver 
Recommended rotor: Storm HC & MDR-C / -CL 160 / 180 / 203 mm; MDR-P 180 / 203 / 220 mm
Scope of delivery: 1 single brake incl. manual and small parts bag