Magura HS22 Easy Mount Brake Set With 3 Finger Lever. Suitable For Left or Right, Front or Rear. 2700846


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Easy Mount 3-Finger Lever Blade

Fitted to many award-winning bicycles, because commuter and trekking riders value safety and maintenance-free features.

The Royal Blood can remain in the brake hose forever.

  • HS22 – The care-free brake - The care-free brake par excellence: The HS22 is designed for the needs of city and trekking riders. Its features include a high level of safety and maintenance-free operation.

  • THE LATEST CARE-FREE BRAKE MODEL - Tool-free resetting in the event of pad wear and the closed hydraulic system of the proven HS technology make the HS22 a totally care-free brake. Thanks to MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil, you don’t need to change the brake fluid – and mechanical wear is a thing of the past. Proven ergonomics.

  • The robust Carbotecture brake master lowers the total weight of the brake without compromising on durability. This makes the HS22 one of the most reliable rim brakes on the market – and it won’t balk at any descent.

Tubing length: 2,000 mm
Weight: 480 g
Material housing: Carbotecture®
Lever blade: 3-finger, Carbotecture®
Reach Adjust: toolless
Pad wear adjustment: TPA
Mounting: Cantilever EASY MOUNT
Colour: black
Scope of delivery: 1 single brake incl. manual and small parts bag