Bosch Kiox 300 / 500 Aftermarket Kit 1-Arm Display Holder - 35,0mm. EB13900011


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To be used with the Kiox 300 / 500 Smart System Display

Compatible with the latest smart system only

Scope of delivery

1-Arm socket 35,0 mm (BDS3620) EB13100006 (a 31.8mm arm socket is also available separately on our site)

Display Interface rearplug (BDS3210) EB1310000A (Rearplug is needed if your mounting your display in front of your handle bars. We sell Frontplug interfaces also - needed if your mounting your display chest side of your handlebars - these are not in this Bosch Bundle but available on our site)

Display cable 300 mm (BCH3611_300) EB1212000A (Other cable lengths are available on our site)

Operating and installation instructions