Bosch ebike LED Remote for ´The Smart System´ (BRC3600) EB1310000E


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Bosch LED Remote (BRC3600)

With the LED Remote control unit, you can grasp all important information quickly and easily. The LEDs are easily recognisable even when exposed to sunlight, and the brightness of the display adapts flexibly to the ambient lighting. This way, legibility is preserved even in variable light conditions and you will not be dazzled even at sunset. In addition, you will quickly recognise the selected assistance mode, which is shown by the respective colour. Connecting the eBike to the eBike Flow app will allow you to view all important driving data via smartphone. You can also perform software updates yourself.

Well recognisable LEDs

Brightness adaptable to environmental conditions

Compatible with the eBike Flow app

Optimal ergonomics and intuitive use

Compatible only with Bosch Smart System products, starting with model 2022.