Shimano D01S / D02S / H01A / H03C Compatible Brake Pads by TBS

Shimano D01S / D02S / H01A / H03C Compatible Brake Pads by TBS


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TBS Pads provide unbelievable value for money. With our pads stopping power and control is increased at a fraction of the cost of OEM pads. Available in different brake pad compounds to suit your personal riding needs. TBS Pads give you the flexibility to customise your brake system to your own needs and riding environment.

TBS pads are easy to install making sure your ready to ride in no time. Our pads are direct replacements for OEM pads saving you £££s.

Designed to last our brake pads are built from quality materials, reducing brake maintenance and increasing your time spent doing what you enjoy. TBS pads provide high performance stopping power whatever the conditions.

Dimensions: (w)39.5mm x (h)25.0mm



Cues BR-U8020, Deore BR-M6120, Saint BR-M810, BR-M820, SLX BR-M7120, XT BR-M8020, BR-M8120, XTR BR-M9120, Zee BR-M640 / Other BR-MT420, BR-MT520


Helix 4X




Auriga+ HD-E740, HD-T740 / Auriga Twin+ HD-E745, HD-T745 / Dorado 4P HD-E720, HD-E725 / Gemini HD-M535 / Gemini 4x2 HD-M530 (Front) / Orion 4P HD-M735, HD-M745, HD-M750 / Volans HD-T535 / Volans 4x2 HD-T532 (Front) / Other HD-R310, HD-T5040


C2.3 / DH EVO / DH-R EVO / DH-R EVO Gold / DH-R EVO Matte Black / DH-R EVO Silver / Quadiem / Quadiem SL / Quadiem G-Spec / Slate EVO / Slate T4 / Trail EVO / Zurich / E-Zurich

■ Organic

Organic brake pads are low noise and quick to bed in due to their softer compound. TBS organic pads still provide a firm initial bite but these pads can wear fast than other compounds. This is the most common compound pad offered provided on bikes fresh from the factory as they are perfect for everyday use.

■ Semi-metallic

Combining organic and sintered brake compounds. TBS semi-metallic pads deliver a strong initial bite and are slightly tougher than our organic pads. For those who would like their pads to last that little bit longer.

■ Sintered

TBS Sintered pads offer a metallic compound that gives more power in tougher conditions. When its wet and dirty these pads are more than capable. Perfect for downhill riders and offer extended pad life and durability are essential. Sintered are our best selling compound and its easy to see why as these pads constantly perform.

■ Ceramic

A very tough pad that lasts, Popular with heavier set ups that need durability and low noise. TBS ceramic brake pads are very long lasting. Offering high performance even in all conditions when compared with other compounds in our range.