Avid Elixir Trail X0 Trail Disc Brake Pads by TBS

Avid Elixir Trail X0 Trail Disc Brake Pads by TBS


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TBS Pads provide awesome stopping power and control. Available in different brake pad compounds to suit your specific riding needs. Our Pads give you the flexibility to tailor your braking system to your specific needs and conditions. 

Simple to install ensuring your ready to go in as little time possible. Our pads are direct replacements for OEM pads.

Designed to withstand extended use, our brake pads are built to last, reducing your maintenance needs and increasing your riding time. TBS pads provide high performance braking in all weather conditions.

Dimensions: (w)37.5mm x (h)23.9mm



Elixir 7 Trail / Elixir 9 Trail / X0 Trail


G2 / Guide R / Guide RS / Guide RSC / Guide T / Guide Ultimate / Level Stealth (4-piston)


C42 / Direttissima (2022-on) / Piccola HD (2022-on)

C21 / C22 / Cleg2 / Piccola / Piccola Carbon

■ Organic

Organic brake pads offer low noise and are very quick to bed in due to their softer composition. Delivering a firm initial bite these pads can wear fast than other compounds. Perfect for everyday use.

■ Semi-metallic

Combining organic and sintered brake compounds. TBS semi-metallic pads deliver a strong initial bite but last longer than our organic pads.

■ Sintered

A long life metallic compound that gives strong stopping power in the most demanding conditions. When its wet and gritty these pads are more than capable. Perfect for downhill riders and offer extended pad life and durability are essential.

■ Ceramic

TBS ceramic brake pads deliver very low noise and are very long lasting. Offering high performance even in wet conditions when compared with other compounds in our range.