Magura HC3 Adjustable 1-Finger Lever - Black 2701251


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Magura HC3 Adjustable 1-Finger Lever.

The Magura HC3 1-Finger lever is highly adjustable brake lever that allows you to fine tune your Magura brakes to your personal preference.
The 3mm hex allows adjustment for hand-size, finger length.
The T25 Torx allows leverage adjustment so you can dial in how much power you prefer.
  • MT6
  • MT7
  • MT8
  • MT Trail Carbon 
  • Material: Alloy
  • Use: right / left
  • Lever: 1-Finger
  • Reach: Fully adjustable
  • Weight: 38g

 Comparison of all MAGURA brake discs, pad and lever options.