HOPE Technology V4 Brake Caliper Piston Clean - Travel - Service Bleed Block Kit


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Hope Open Source Caliper Service Tools.  

V4 Piston Clean Tool - On 4 pistons calipers; allows a single piston to come out at the time to facilitate cleaning and lubrification. Available for: V4 Caliper

Thin Pad Travel Spacers - Prevents the pads coming into contact with each other accidentally when the wheel is removed. Ideal for travel where someone else may handle your bike and accidentally depress your brake lever when the wheels are off! Available for: E4 or V4 Caliper (E4 and V4 use the same spacer) 

V4 Full Pad Spacer / Bleed Block - Prevents the calliper pistons coming out of the bore accidentally when the pads are removed. Available for: V4 Caliper

Bleed Tube / Nipple Spanner - Prevents the bleed tube from coming loose during bleeding whilst enabling you to open and close the bleed nipple easily.